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Gypsy Spells

Wednesday, February 06, 2013
What is Gypsy Spells?

Misinformation about Gypsies practising Witchcraft.  

Gypsies, or Roma people are forbidden to practice any type of witchcraft. The reason is simple,  it looked upon as deceit. It is documented in the ancient gypsy tarot reading, called Agni Tara in the card called "Deceit" explaining the stand on magic and witchcraft. Deceit in Gypsy language is called 'maya' meaning fraud, creating illusion, witchcraft magic, deception. Maya is defined as pretending to exhibit or claiming to have good qualities which is not real and is associated with both passion, lust and desire (raga) and magic employed to bewilder, sinning (moha) by being overly attached to wealth and honour. Deceit is a mental factor which apprehend the quality of an object and we not only deceit others but ourselves as well of the object's value. Its function is to provide a basis for a perverse life-style, due to excessive attachment to our material gain and the respect we receive. Deceit is represented with a cat, which is called marjara in Sanskrit and its meaning is both a scarlet and a cat. Scarlet can prescribe a colour and the character of the person. Deceit is to use trickery, emotional blackmail or force to compel someone to get what we desire, as the scarlet does, using glamour to allure, to get the desired outcome. Deceiving is also killing, (maraka) and specifically, killing morality. Deceit is set up to defend a self image, a concept, or an institution. Not to deceit requires awareness, free from extravagance or debauchery of what is true. It also requires that we examine our own motivations, to be sure there isn't some trace of self-clinging behind our words. For example, people active in religious causes sometimes become addicted to self-righteousness. Their speech in favour of their cause becomes tainted by their need to feel morally superior to others.

Where the Gypsies come from?

The Gypsies are the Ancient Greeks. I know if you are racist, you will find this statement outrageous. What is the evidence of this you ask? Well, it is the language. The Greek language contains the most Sanskrit words, which remained almost identical to Sanskrit, but with different pronunciation. A good example is the word Gorgos in Greek,  Gorgons in English, which originated from the Gypsy language (Sanskrit), garg, garji, garjo, gora, ghora and ghoram translating to monsters, horrible beings, violence, rumbling, dreadful, the same meaning as the Greek word. Another example is Prometheus, which is Pramatha  in Sanskrit, translating to rape, destruction, tormenting, racking, theft. Another Sanskrit word is Papo, which is the same in Greek. In Sanskrit Papo translating to protector, guardian, keeper of the secret knowledge, knower and teacher of the secret song, the highly skilled knowledge of Sanskrit vibrations, which builds a bridge between the physical and the earthy planes. You can read more about Gypsy and Greek language similarities in the Book of Agni. 

Spreading racism against Gypsies on Witchcraft sites... 

There are many groups and individuals who are posing as Gypsies because the name Gypsy will bring money. Meanwhile the 'real' Roma people suffering from racism brought on by these pretend Gypsies by their crocked business practises.  Many witchcraft sites ( showing a Romanian Woman practising witchcraft and at the same time (probably unintentionally) spreading racism against the Roma people by showing this woman from youtube  who is claiming to be Gypsy (The 'Gypsy' name will bring a sure success in business, - strangely not to the Gypsy people - yet the Romanian woman shown is only a very greedy Romanian woman without any Gypsy (Rom) ancestry) who learned to make money by tricking people, thus she is a maya, a fraud, creating illusion, witchcraft magic, driven by greed to deceive those who are vulnerable. 

Most Gypsy people will hide their identity due to fear of persecution and will never use 'Gypsy' as their racial identity specially not to make money from. Only those who have no Romani, Gypsy blood that will use this derogatory race name 'Gypsy' and creating more hatred and persecution to the already suffering people. Perhaps website should elaborate more on the fact how the "Gypsy" name and "Witchcraft" can be misused by the wrong people.

Is Tarot Gypsy in Origin?

Yes it is. Tarot is Gypsy, Roma in origin and had a very different purpose to what is used for today. The word Taro derived from the Sanskrit word Tara, meaning road, passing over or beyond, passage, crossroad, ferry. It is also called Tarita, a form of Durga, also known as carca, meaning inquiry, discussion, recollection, as we already possess this knowledge and all we have to do is to remind ourselves of this wisdom with the help of Agni Tara. The translation from Sanskrit suggesting that the original Tara, Tarita cards were not designed for fortune telling, but served as a guide to the right path, how to deal with our emotions, how to overcome desires, which entail jealousy, anger, hope, sadness, deceit, greed, pride, etc. The cards also give you a glimpse into the ancient Gypsy belief system of creation and into the ancient past of the Roma people.

Despite of the popular belief which is portraying Gypsies as people who roamed they lived a settled lifestyle. It is obvious from their ancient philosophical thinking which couldn't be made whilst living a roaming lifestyle. 

The principles of the tarot cards are serving as a philosophy of life, helping you to find happiness, the meaning and purpose of life. These principles will enable you to understand your place within this universe, helping you to find the order and the priorities which should be of concern, to devise a proper way to live your life, to achieve balance

The lack of clear guidelines, the constant bombardments to create urges and desires become a norm today, which is largely responsible for the steady decline of ethical standards, both individually and socially in the world, resulting in the decay of humanity and eventually to the collapse of society. The cards also provide a glance into society when values are abandoned in favour of an exclusive stress on materialism, to satisfy greed and pride. Consulting the cards you are able to draw up an individual plan how to overcome obstacles, difficulties in life. This was the original purpose of the Tara Cards, to reflect and to discuss moral issues, so we can find the right passage.  

The belief system of the Roma, Gypsy people so far was unknown or rather hidden and thus it become a topic for all kind of speculations. It also should be clear that the language of the Gypsies is Sanskrit, which is the base of every European languages. Therefore, the Roma were not only the founders of philosophy, laying down the foundation of religion and science, but they were the founders of almost every languages spoken in Europe and Asia today, as every language is based on Sanskrit, the language of the Roma. In Ancient times the Roma people lived in an equal and harmonious society, their knowledge of life were highly advanced and unique, yet they were humble in character due to their religious belief system. Yet all this (paradise lost) is ceased with the arrival of the Gorgons, also known as Serpents. They have changed the world into a hierarchical system, where greed and pride become the rule. They hid the real past of the Gypsies to claim ownership of their knowledge, to satisfy their greed at the same time their pride. Whilst the Roma (Gypsy) forgotten who they were because of their oppression, their enslavement, they were unable to pass down their knowledge to their children, as they were taken away and sold to someone else into slavery. Their knowledge of Sanskrit also become limited. The original Sanskrit was the most sophisticated language in the world even in today's standard, yet most meaning of the words are lost and forgotten. This is the reason for the hate, persecution and genocide of the Roma we see today, it is to cover up the truth, the origin of knowledge. The Thief become the Enemy of the Gypsies, and the Thief calls his victims 'thieves'.

The meaning of Gorgon. 

We are left with many tales of the Gorgons in the ancient Greek mythology. Most people believe the only Gorgon was Medusa, however she was only one of the Gorgons. The name Gorgon derived from the Gypsy language (Sanskrit) garg and it translates to 'horrible ones". Thus, the Gorgon is not only Medusa but other creatures also fall under the same category, such as the ancient story of the Minotaur, the Harpies, the Nymphs, Centaurs, etc. These creatures were not monsters in physical sense, but they were monsters in psychological perspective. For instance the Centaur is a description of a 'stallion' which exactly means what it say. A man with enormous appetite for women. The Gorgons also representing a race of people, but no one knows who they were, or rather it is a well hidden secret. Where they come from is also a mystery, all is known is that they were nomadic people and most likely they've entered Crete from Turkey and Greece from the north. All is left from their origin is their names, or rather the prescription of their characteristics, given to them by the Roma in Sanskrit, which is Zita, Zarv, Avaranas, Ghoram, Garg, Gora, Garji, Garjo, which all translates to "the horrible ones" Gorgos in Greek. They were also called serpents, and serpent-demons. 

What race the Gorgons were is not important as it would give rise to racism, blame, which shouldn't be the purpose. What is important to know is that we can all be or become Gorgons according to our actions and not according to our race.