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There is no such thing as Gypsy spells. The closest thing to Gypsy spell is Mantra, chanted by the Buddhists today. However, it has to be in Sanskrit and the pronunciation is vital for it to work. Today only the Romany (Gypsy) people who speak Sanskrit, it is their native language. In Ancient time they were known as the Phoenicians. Due to thousand of years of slavery the intonation of Sanskrit is lost.

Mantras never been used as spells. It can only be used for heeling, to become one with the universe, to open the human mind, to become one with the creator, to achieve higher awareness, so on. Spells on the other hand by design is narcissism. It is used to control others. For example with love spell you are trying to control someone without their knowledge and you cannot call this love, but love of the self, selfishness, driven by the ego. All spells are ego-driven which always leads to unhappiness.

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Gypsy Spells

Wednesday, February 06, 2013
What is Gypsy Spells?

Deception About The Gypsies Practising Witchcraft.  

Gypsies, or Roma people never practiced witchcraft. The reason is simple, it is looked upon as deceit. It is documented in the ancient gypsy tarot reading, called Ancient Gypsy Avatars explaining the stand on magic and witchcraft. Witchcraft is considered as a deceit, it is called 'maya' deception. Maya also called YAV in Sanskrit and it means to worship matter, it is greed. Maya also known as AEON, the goat of lust and greed, attacking the heavens with its horns. It is often represented with the reversed pentagram, but it is also portrayed with a reversed triangle or a fish, which was used by the Templars;

The reversed triangle is representing the shadow, the ego we think is our true self, and we believe this is our true identity. AEON also known as Enki, Satan, so on. At first this symbol didn't represent 'evil' but it is portraying matter, the physical appearance of the universe, also known as Prakrti, primal matter with three different innate qualities whose equilibrium is the basis of all observed empirical reality.. Prakriti, (matter) is in contrasts with Purusha, (spirit) the triangle pointing up, which is pure awareness and metaphysical consciousness. The reversed triangle is associated with concepts of energy, activity, ambition, and passion; so that, depending on how it is used, it can either have a supportive or hindering effect on the evolution of the soul.

With the theft of the knowledge, (the Veda known as Agni, the Fire of the Sun representation of knowledge) the Fire stolen by Prometheus from Sanskrit pramatha translating to rape, destruction, tormenting, racking, theft., AEON, matter triumphed over the soul, the ambition to hoard wealth by enslavement, oppression, and by deceiving man, creating ignorance. Knowledge in the wrong hands become Phanindra, (Pandora) the weapon of mass destruction. 

Deceiving is also killing, (maraka) and specifically, killing morality. Deceit is set up to defend a self image, a concept, or an institution, hence they invented racism and blame against the Romany people to defend the self image of the 'real perpetrators'. Not to deceit requires awareness, free from extravagance or debauchery of what is true. It also requires that we examine our own motivations, to be sure there isn't some trace of self-clinging behind our words. For example, people active in religious causes sometimes become addicted to self-righteousness. Their speech in favour of their cause becomes tainted by their need to feel morally superior. All religions derived from the Veda after it's theft. The Veda has nothing to do with religion. It is science and moral guide. It is explaining creation with personified characters, such as Agni and Aplu (base word for Apollo) for example. What does it mean exactly? The origin of Agni becomes clear with Sanskrit hieroglyphic writing:
a = creator
g = matter, (prakRti)
ni = 7th note (a "seventh note" usually means a dominant seventh chord: a major triad together with a minor seventh). The Seventh note (chord) is referring to the massive explosion of the primordial sun and the Triad, the triangle, is the reference of the creator, also known as AUM, 'the sound of God' which caused the beginning of creation.

The Phoenicians (Romany people) possessed the ancient memory, that some part of our being knows where we came from and we long to return. And we can, because the cosmos is also within us. We're made of star stuff. It sums up the fact that the carbon, nitrogen and oxygen atoms in our bodies, as well as atoms of all other heavy elements were created in previous generations of stars over 4.5 billion years ago. All life form and matter on Earth contain these elements, we are literally made of star stuff. All organic matter containing carbon was produced in stars, the universe was originally hydrogen and helium, the carbon was made subsequently, over billions of years. When a star exhausted its supply of hydrogen, it can die in a violent explosion, hence the story of Yah-Sus as the Sun who tore himself apart. The explosion of the massive star, called a supernova, can be billions of times as bright as the Sun. Such a stellar explosion throws a large cloud of dust and gas into space, with the amount and composition of the material expelled varying depending on the type of supernova.  So, all life on Earth and the atoms in our bodies were created in the furnace of now-long-dead stars, yet it is still alive within us all. When this knowledge was stolen (see card of Thief, Prometheus) the Gorgons didn't comprehend it, so they come up with their own interpretation and created magical beings, in hope they will control everything, due to their narcissistic tendencies. They've turned knowledge upside down.

Where the Gypsies come from?

The Gypsies are the Phoenicians, and had settlements in ancient Greece, Crete, surroundings islands and Italy. The Phoenicians didn't die out, blend into other nation, they were attacked, their knowledge is stolen, and they were enslaved. What the name Phoenician means? Most explanation you will find in books and on the web is that it is referring to the colour red and purple. Its origin however, is comes from the Phoenix, which is again referring to the primordial sun. The story of the phoenix is that it dies and new life rises from its ashes. It describes the explosion of the primordial sun, and the ash (carbon) become us, hence from death new life started, which is called rebirth.

Ancient Greece use to be called G'rAjaka in Sanskrit. The G is the short version of ghanAkAra, i.e. cubical form, which derived from Sanskrit. The cube is a symbol of the regenerated and perfected soul, living in a state of permanence and this name also contained with the original name for Greece. Therefore G'rAjaka, means God is perfection. Interestingly this message was conveyed in Star Track Voyager with the Borg and the Borg's aim to find perfection. They travelled in cube space ships and interacted by sharing one another's thoughts in a hive mind. It is similar to the ancient Gypsy belief system of "we are one'. Meaning it is only One Mind which is reflected into many, it is referring to the universal consciousness, also called Yah-Vah.

The name of G'rAjaka was changed to Greece to hide the origin of the Romany, Gypsy people, being the ancients, the original inhabitants, the Phoenicians. I know if you are racist, you will find this statement outrageous. What is the evidence of this you ask? Well, it is the language. The Greek language contains the most Sanskrit words, which remained almost identical to the Romany, Gypsy language (Sanskrit), but with a very different pronunciation. Sanskrit is not only the base of every language but it is also the base alphabet of every writing existing today. 

They used heliography writing. The term Heliography derived from Sanskrit, from two words;  heli i.e. Sun and grAhin drawing; heligrahin therefore means Sun drawing, Sun writing. Sanskrit also derived from two words, from sans envisage, foretell, predict, approve and kRti creation. Therefore Sanskrit should be written as SansKrti.

The triangle representing the Sun, Apollo or Aploun in Greek, derived from the Sanskrit word Aplu (Aplavate), inundate, affected by, which words referring to another Sanskrit word sAha, M'sAha, that is Messiah and bedew, the cleansing of the soul, which was adopted in Christianity as baptism. Apollo also called Agni in Sanskrit, symbolises fire, vibration and sound and obviously Prometheus needed this fire (knowledge) to create Christianity, enabling the Gorgons to hoard wealth. The Triangle become the representation of Father (Alpha) Son (knowledge, fire) and Holly Spirit (water, soma) and the word it forms AUM become AMEN. 

Agni was born from the Cosmic Man, YahZus, which translates to vibration, more precisely the Sound of God from two Sanskrit words; Yah Vah, translates as 'He who expended into the universe', God and Zus or Zrut meaning sound, vibration (in Greek is known as Zeus). Thus combining the words we get Yah-Zus “The Sound of God”. The triangle served a metaphoric purpose as "containers" for cognitive engagement with "now" - and the challenge of its comprehension. This was seen as a key to enabling and enhancing the sense of "feeling alive". Written on the Temple of Apollo, in Delphi from Sanskrit dadhAti i.e. womb, matrix as mother, conceive and dhara i.e. carrying, meaning to search deeply. The word Delphi as a womb is the embodiment of Existence-Knowledge-Bliss (Sat-Chit-Ananda). He is the essence. He is the source or womb for the mind,  the body of this world  (Indriyas). So the word on the Temple “know thyself” on the top, and “nothing in excess” on the bottom, carrying the most important message, the basis of life, the base of happiness. By knowing yourself, you find the ultimate happiness, knowing God, as we are his reflection. This whole universe is created by the sound of God that from which he came forth, as that into which he will be dissolved, as that in which he breathes, thus the word, life is breath, meaning life is God, we are the reflection of God's vibration, the universe. Another Sanskrit word for YahZus is Papo, which is the same in Greek. However, in Greek there is no translation this word, because it is not theirs. Papo derived from Sanskrit, translating to protector, guardian, keeper of the secret knowledge, knower and teacher of the secret vibration, the highly skilled knowledge of Sanskrit, which builds a bridge between the physical and the earthy planes. You can read more about Gypsy and Greek language similarities in the book of Ancient Gypsy Avatars

Spreading Racism on Witchcraft sites ?? 

There are many groups and individuals who are posing as Gypsies because the name Gypsy will bring money. Meanwhile the 'real' Romany people suffering from not only racism brought on by these pretend Gypsies by their crocked business practises, but also they are hunted like wild animals. They are being killed, meanwhile the Gorgons who are pretending to be the victims... 
Witchcraft sites, such as (http://marygreer.wordpress.com/2009/08/01/Romanian-gypsy-tarot-reader/) showing a Romanian Woman practising witchcraft and at the same time (probably unintentionally) spreading racism against the Roma people by showing this woman from youtube  who is claiming to be Gypsy (The 'Gypsy' name will bring a sure success in business, - strangely not to the Gypsy people - yet the Romanian woman shown is only a very greedy Romanian woman without any Gypsy (Rom) ancestry) who learned to make money by tricking people

Most Gypsy people will hide their identity due to fear of persecution and will never use 'Gypsy' as their racial identity specially not to make money from the name. Only those who have no Romani, Gypsy blood that will use this derogatory race name 'Gypsy' and creating more hatred and persecution to the already suffering people. Perhaps marygreer.wordpress.com website should elaborate more on the fact how the "Gypsy" name can be misused by the wrong people.


Is Tarot Gypsy in Origin?

Yes it is. Tarot is Gypsy, Phoenician in origin and had a very different purpose to what is used for today. The word Taro derived from the Sanskrit word Tara, meaning road, passing over or beyond, passage, crossroad, ferry. It is also called Tarita, a form of Durga, also known as carca, meaning inquiry, discussion, recollection, as we already possess this knowledge and all we have to do is to remind ourselves of this wisdom with the guide of the Tarot. The translation from Sanskrit suggesting that the original Tara, Tarita cards were not designed for fortune telling, but served as a guide to the right path, how to deal with our emotions, how to overcome desires, which entail jealousy, anger, hope, sadness, deceit, greed, pride, etc. The cards also give you a glimpse into the ancient Gypsy belief system of creation and into the ancient past of the Roma people.

Despite of the popular belief which is portraying Gypsies as people who roamed they lived a settled lifestyle. It is obvious from their ancient philosophical thinking which couldn't be made whilst living a roaming lifestyle. They were the first to introduce agriculture. Whilst later on they were enslaved and obviously slaves cannot roam. In Romania for instance they were slaves up to 1856, so in Hungary, and other European countries. Who were the people entering countries under Gypsy identity? The Gorgons. Since ancient times they loved to pretend to be 'someone else', the same way as the Romanian fortune teller claiming to be Gypsy, yet her race tracing back all the way to Vlad Tepes, who was Gorgon Greek in origin. These people entered different countries, then took it over with cunning, thievery and manipulation. Later they become royalties.

The principles of the tarot cards are serving as a philosophy of life, helping you to find happiness, the meaning and purpose of life. These principles will enable you to understand your place within this universe, helping you to find the order and the priorities which should be of concern, to devise a proper way to live your life, to achieve balance

The lack of clear guidelines, the constant bombardments to create urges and desires become a norm today, which is largely responsible for the steady decline of ethical standards, both individually and socially in the world, resulting in the decay of humanity and eventually to the collapse of society. The cards also provide a glance into society when values are abandoned in favour of an exclusive stress on materialism, to satisfy greed and pride. Consulting the cards you are able to draw up an individual plan how to overcome obstacles, difficulties in life. This was the original purpose of the Tara Cards, to reflect and to discuss moral issues, so we can find the right passage.

The Meaning of Gorgon. 

The word Gorgon derived from Sanskrit garga, meaning bull. The Gorgon, left in Greek mythology and the tarot as the Minotaur, and a white bull who stole Europe from the Phoenicians. 

The abduction of Europa in the form of a white bull (Gorgon) is a much later version, based on Eurydice, to explain how the Gorgons come to the Phoenician knowledge, the Sanskrit writing, the Sanskrit language, philosophy, mathematics, etc. Europa derived from Sanskrit word arya (aryan), meaning devoted, true knowledge (veda), excellent, so on. Hence Europa is a representation of Knowledge, the Veda, also known as Eurydice and Kyklop (cyclops) from Sanskrit Kalpa. In Tarot the Gorgon is the card of Enemy. and the card of Jealousy. The Gorgon as a bull derived from two Sanskrit words. Mino from manA i.e. envy, jealousy and tarus means battle to become superior over others, we can call it narcissism, racism and it is marked with an X, often represented with 3 X''s or 3 K's which stands for the number 666. Most people taught only Medusa was a Gorgon, however it is referring to a race of people, half human and half Neanderthals, which is called Sudra, in Sanskrit zUdra, meaning man with mixed origins.

The first known appearance of the Gorgons were in Kenya over hundred thousand years ago, but it is more likely they've been around much longer and their exact origin is unknown. Today scientists call them Neanderthals. Their most ancient name is Garg, Gadjo.

The sudden migration of humans out of Africa was not due to over population or some type of environmental factor, but they were pushed out by the Gorgons, who were hunting them for meat, which story left in the story of Cain and Abel, from Sanskrit Khanate, that is Khana and Ate, meaning eating oneself, cannibalism. On the other hand humans - later on were called canaanites (after the theft of their knowledge) from Sanskrit Khana-nIta, which means eating grain -  were seen by the Gorgons as animals or a caw to feast on. 

Today, we all have Gorgon bloods, 98 % of the human population. There are hardly anyone left untouched by them (only the San people). Therefore, in a way we are both Romany and Gorgon, our own enemy. If you are a Gorgon or a Romany, depends upon who you let to surface. If you let the beast to win the battle, you are destroying yourself, but if you let your human side to surface you are on the road toward liberation. This is why the tarot was created, to guide you on your journey toward the right path.