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Gypsy Spells


Wednesday, February 06, 2013
What is Gypsy Spells?


Gypsy Spell and Witchcraft is very different. Gypsy spells do not use rhyming words to cast spells nor perform rituals, draw circles and symbols or sacrifice any type of life. They don't use symbols and they do not form religious organisation like Witchcraft does, even though Gypsy spell is based on the ancient religion, called Jainism. Gypsy spells are not used to manipulate people and the world around them, but it rather pays respect to nature and the universe from where we all originate from. It is the Gypsy lifestyle, the Janis lifestyle although forgotten, it is very alive within the culture, tradition and behavour of the Rom people, which gives strength and power to Gypsy spells and that is what makes these spells contained in this secret book so powerful. Gypsy Spells are the most ancient in origin  as it is handed down through many generations from mother to daughter. 

This Ancient origin also reflected in the Gypsy language, Romany Sanskrit language which predates the oldest Sanskrit used by Indians and it is the base of all Indo-European languages, pointing to Gypsies as the founders or the aboriginals of Europe and the ancestors of both Europeans and Asians, not the other way around as many historians are trying to force the theory of Roma originating from India. Yet in India there is not one group of people who would be related to the Rom. If they come from India, there should be some trace in a form of group of people who are related. The Roma relation can only be found in Europe, because they are the direct descendents of the aboriginal Europeans. The nomadic lifestyle of the Roma people is an invention. Gypsies were enslaved, preventing any roaming. There were many people from ancient times pretending to be Roma, making money on the name and to cover who they really are.

Where the Gypsies come from?

It is common belief today that Gypsies come from India. This is deliberate misinformation. If Gypsies indeed come from India thousand years ago, why they didn't keep the Indian customs, like burning the bodies of their dead? By the time the earliest Hindu texts were written around 1,200 B.C. in India it was already an established custom. See more information:  Yet this custom cannot be found among the Roma people. To burn a dead person is a taboo. When someone dies, they morn the loved one for three days (it is believed the soul remains of the deceased for 3 days and the family members have to pay respect to him/her in that time). After the third day the  burial takes place and everyone who is related or a close friend to that person is present at the funeral. The deceased favourite items will be buried as well. That is a very important tradition.  Gypsies are deeply spiritual in their beliefs that from the earth *soil* we came so should we return, it was never entertained that the dead would be cremated, burial was always their way. It was also important that things they would need in their next life should be placed in their coffin. An item could be anything from tools, money, jewelry, personal things. This tradition doesn't sound like Indian does it? It is rather close to the Scythian, Chinese, Iranian or Egyptian tradition than to Indian. It is also amazing how the Scythian jewelry is identical to the Romani Jewels, found in Afghanistan. 

Scythian or Gypsy jewelry?

In a broader sense, the name "Scythian" has also been used to refer to various peoples seen as similar to the Scythians, or who lived anywhere in the area known as Scythia.  Little Scythia is the name of a modern Eastern European region. Later, Great Scythia became the name of the region known today as Central Eurasia

Gypsies originating from these areas make more sense, as their enslavement started with the arrival of the Gorgons who entered Greece as early as 6000 BC. Documentation of the enslavement only written at a later time, around the time of Genghis Khan and the Tatar invasion Gypsies are brought as slaves. I believe many Roma were enslaved from Greece bringing them to Romania (Romani language includes too many Greek words to ignore they were once inhabitants there) as they were skilled in metal working. During the time of the crusaders they were needed to make weapons. From here on, history of the Gypsies is unclear. All is clear is that they are slaves and even today they are treated as such and used as scapegoats. Freedom for Gypsies never arrived. Every book trying to explain who the Gypsies are or when they were enslaved and by whom, is only a guessing game then historical facts and every book talking about the Roma people hold an underlying racist tone, meaning these books do not hold facts but written by the winners, may be by the slave masters themselves. If the Gypsy people were nomadic people, why they didn't appear before these major invasions? 

Misinformation about Gypsies practising Witchcraft.   

Gypsies do not practise Witchcraft. For Roma people witchcraft is distant and its practise is strongly forbidden. 

There are many groups and individuals who are posing as Gypsies because the name Gypsy will bring money. Meanwhile the 'real' Roma people suffering from racism brought on by these pretend Gypsies by their crocked business practises.  

Gypsies treat spells as sacred and it's not for everyone to know about. Gypsy spells are the most powerful spells, and so we are not allowed to include the spells in the book only the step by step instruction to achieve 'purity' which will help you understand how to cast Gypsy spells. In the past spells and symbols are misused, previously innocent in their meaning become the source of evil. Our staff however decided to put it on the web for educational purposes, to clear the myth that Gypsy Spells and Witchcraft are one of the same and that Gypsies are practising Witchcraft. 

Many witchcraft sites ( showing a Romanian Woman practising witchcraft and at the same time (probably unintentionally) spreading racism against the Roma people by showing this woman from youtube  who is claiming to be Gypsy (The 'Gypsy' name will bring a sure success in business, - strangely not to the Gypsy people - yet she is only a very greedy Romanian woman without any Gypsy (Rom) ancestry) who leaned to make money by tricking people. Most Gypsy people will hide their identity due to fear of persecution and will never use 'Gypsy' as their racial identity specially not to make money from. Only those who have no Romani, Gypsy blood that will use this derogatory race name 'Gypsy' and creating more hatred and persecution to the already suffering people. Perhaps the website should elaborate more on the fact how the "Gypsy" name and "Witchcraft" can be misused by the wrong people.

Is Tarot Gypsy in Origin?

The base of the tarot card is Gypsy in origin. The closest descendant of the Original Gypsy tarot today would be the playing card, but in a simplest form. Whilst Rider Waite type of card was developed from the base of playing card, but it was changed into Kabbalistic - also the source of Witchcraft - meanings, mixed with Egyptian and Sumerian symbols. Therefore, tarot today comprises of two types, the Gypsy Tarot and the Rider Waite type of tarot cards. The Original Gypsy Tarot cards did not hold any type of Witchcraft meaning, it was only developed later by  A Crowley and Arthur Edward Waite, who were both kabbalists. They also contributed largely to the development of Witchcraft and the Necronomicon, based upon kabbalistic ideas. I think it is important to mention that Kabbalists are the keepers of many ancient and recent religions and this amalgamated religions are kabbalism. However, the interpretation of these ancient belief systems are largely dependent on the teacher and the student, which can be twisted into something different from its original meaning. Some students of Kabbalah using their knowledge to create a new business venture and that is what Arthur Edward Waite did. His tarot cards today are very popular, perhaps more so then the Gypsy Tarot

The Gypsy Tarot cards also branched out into two different types, such as the Le Normand type of cards, which includes the Gypsy Witch Tarot and the Russian Gypsy card and they largely meant for those who made their living from trade and wanted to consult the tarot about their fortune, their business outcome. Therefore, if you are seeking to know the future about your financial situation, the Lenormand cards are the best tools for you.

Whilst tarot cards like the Gypsy Oracle Tarot, Zigeuner Card, Biedermeier tarot deck, Art Deco Cards are more focused on the everyday life of the inquirer and will tell you about your relationship, love, fortune, that is, these Gypsy tarot cards are oriented toward the inquirer's well being and hope for the future and these meanings are the closest meanings to the original Gypsy tarot intended for.